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The Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel (Luoyang Huayang Guangchang Guoji Dafandian) is located on West Kaixuan Road in Jianxi District and offers guests easy access to local shopping and entertainment areas. This Luoyang hotel features a great variety of accommodations ranging from twin rooms to suites. Diners may enjoy Chinese dishes,  or decent western dishes and tasty desserts at the on-site dining outlets. [View Detail]    

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  • dongwly
    Which is very nice
  • nangongri
    Many times, favorite of Luoyang hotels
  • conniesunmoon
    Really very good, recommended
  • liwenia
    Understandable shaped respected guests feel the hotel management's intentions, but I personally hope that the hotel staff treat me as a friend rather than the emperor. hope that the hotel can learn from foreign hotel chain's frequent-flier program, too deliberate politeness will make people feel more.
  • davis8868
    Service was very good except from the shop a bit slow, equipment simple, Samsung device five-star service.
  • jerry130
    Service very good good good good good!
  • dada806
    Hotel services are good, high quality employees, breakfast, highly recommended breakfast Luoyang featured beef soup
  • prclyb
    Service in the hotel where she lived the best! no!?
  • e02402893
    Help a friend booked this hotel has always been her favorite, so booked, all having a good time
  • yuanyue
    All the snacks, instant noodles are free, as well as computer, very good? service attitude is good, yes Oh! next time to stay here!
  • Mr.Ma
    Hotel location excellent in service, recommended.
  • cardmagic
    Service very good. highly recommended. to Luoyang huayang, will not regret.
  • veronica0928
    Pretty good
  • avatang1986
    Like you very much
  • daisylixiao
    Modern facilities, first-class service, user-friendly, convenient shuttle.
  • dribllams
    Very good! is satisfied from any way! very convenient than provincial hotels up and down at the same level. for Peony Festival reasons, higher prices.
  • guwei2004
    Service superb, check out until tomorrow, can't wait to comment today, only you can not think, impossible without it! free airport train shuttle, the drinks are free in the room, the door will take 10,000 bow? elevator with an older man, bow, very sorry
  • o0 0o Xiao Yu
    Is a first-class service, it is worth staying!
  • joyce
    A began wants to set hotel of 12 layer new decoration of room. but room type very tension no set to. see hotel service evaluation is high, last also is skeptical set has 17 layer of old room. in day arrived began, from railway station on began feel to they quality of service. shuttle. room from Hall began service on very in place. feel to they from heart of enthusiasm and courtesy. room waiter carefully thoughtful. saw has I with drug on provides loaded drug of box, saw I sinceToothpaste toothpaste sit up, and tips ... feels very good, fruit snack milk provided. is the most attentive hotel services I've ever seen. good value for money. I hope they have branches in other cities.
  • cf1209
    Best local hotel, some older ... breakfast price 98.
  • xlp5511
    The hotel's services and facilities are first class, newly renovated, Jacuzzi, flushable toilet fart eye, electric curtains available, free shuttle station is absolute in every possible way home
  • mxw5688
    Japanese-style service at home.
  • ling271047897
    Which is very nice
  • adffdafaf
    Overall I feel very good, service very good, more fitness equipment. breakfast was great, usually dine is not expensive ... praise
  • marcoyin
    Nice hotel room is a bit small
  • jeaty
    That's good
  • e01987473
    All right
  • JANELEE2010
    Very nice, very warm
  • dexin
    This travel travel in the, the hotel is best of a, to people feel is comfortable, Shuttle airport, also sent small gift, daily are has fruit sent, and found I wash clothes also active sent has points laundry liquid, also help I put himself hand wash of clothes put in cool hanger Shang, to people feel is warm. recommends; lobby arrangements of staff seems to somewhat more, to customer sent water had service, actually has many customer not need, somewhat waste hotel of human and material resources, anyway consumers is isSatisfaction, and evaluation as well as the Internet, staying next time.
  • Ferris
    Room clean and tidy, basically good, available, will not be disappointed.
  • lifei7758521
    The hotel location superior, opposite is million up square, very convenient. key is service first-class, we enjoy has free station service, Guy a car on to we handed towel, sent water, got off placed foot Board, in front desk check in Shi has waiter handed tea, has hand by Elevator, room within snacks any eat. live has so more hotel are no like this as intimate of service, really Department praise, strongly recommended!
  • bearjob
    Travel preferred hotels, service very good, recommended stay
  • jxl227
    Pretty good
  • liuyonggui
    Best hotel service in Henan province
  • asxiu
    Environment is very good, the service was excellent
  • bobinet
    Absolute value-for-money service
  • dollface1985
    Tomorrow check out today on to reviews's, about aircraft hotel of phone on to has, just take good luggage driver on has in export lift with we of name, a put umbrella, a hot towel, way driver are in told we how play, Shang where eat. into hotel employees are are is standard 90 degrees bow, a cup tea, let originally has Xia rainy day some cold of weather suddenly boiling. children asked lobby Butler near where has Hu spicy soup, because noon are no sold has, told children tomorrow breakfast wineShop has, children somewhat disappointed. lobby Butler in we half good staying Shi said restaurant Department immediately to children do has copies,, Xia sent room, at really of is moved, although this soup didn't how many money, but as first times to Luoyang, feel to enthusiasm! hotel of self breakfast is rich, taste also is good. Although in to tourism attractions taxi driver said than this good of hotel more of is, price also and this almost, may is this hotel of soft service let I feel hardware facilities I also can accept, althoughThe facilities are old, but very clean. housekeeping Wang Hairong accuracy, see my socks washed clothes in the bathroom, sent mobile racks, prepared liquid laundry detergent and ... There are a lot of moving, not one said, to Luoyang, choose foryou!
  • tiangaoxing329
    Really of no thought this hotel service so good, live had many of hotel, but like huayang such of service really of is first times, from began of station, to housing in of free small food, sent of fruit, free of parking, anyway we proposed of requirements Basic are to meet has, Super praise of a hotel, was never wrote reviews of also think must to to Luoyang live hotel of recommended about. say about Chinese is value of, day we to old set eat has 'really different' of water seats, Four a adults a children eat of water seats package total 260 Yuan, that unpalatable, anyway I is not recommended everyone to eat of, second days we in Hotel eat of, also of 260 Yuan regardless of is dining environment, service, price, are not know than that 'really different' of water Xi Qiang how many times, home people has been in feeling said early know on should in Hotel eat.
  • mjewoo
    High speed rail shuttle, free shirts, bit by bit revealing intentions, though the hotel but for people very dear! recommended! to Luoyang would choose, I wish the flowers don't rise too far!
  • dxf1688
    Hotel services are good, caring, warm, intimate
  • catff2001
    Hotel perfect. service attitude is good, prepare snacks snacks are free, with kids, and prepared the children slippers. delicious hotel restaurant is inexpensive, didn't think the environment is good, price is cheap. go out the business district, opposite the Wanda Plaza. can go out shopping in the evening. it's first choice for travel.
  • e00119980
    So Lala
  • gaolan7302
    Home away from home. sat into station car, immediately sent Sheung Shui and hot towel, to buy tickets did, service personnel help you to near of sale points buy, sent fruit, wash clothes, always feel to sincere. has opportunities also will staying! hotel location is good, downtown sections, opposite million up eating play are convenience. main is hotel service Super Rod! room facilities also is new. If to later Luoyang I only live here. also will recommended friends live here!
  • e01284017
    Service was very good, a very good environment and health very well.
  • Doris a lot
    Highly recommend this service really sweet! next time will not consider any other home.
  • ye4free
    General hotel facilities, first-class service. the guest can be smoking at all public places do not have staff to persuade.
  • JYJ3721
    Hotel location is very good, downtown, opposite Wanda eating convenience. is mainly hotel services is great! the room facilities were very new. If to Luoyang, then I just live here. also refer-a-friend here! location very good, downtown, opposite Wanda eating convenience. is mainly hotel service is great!
  • jueling771
    Nice nice, service was very good
  • boss_oooo
    This is I live had of hotel in the service best of, no one of, irreverent Yu Taiwan and Japan hotel service level, said truth hotel of hardware facilities features does not highlight, but service is in place, details consider of is thoughtful, we a three mouth night to hotel, set of double bed standard between, front desk to child free added has breakfast, in Luoyang we is car rental play of, hotel can free parking. dinner in here of restaurant eat of, various taste are has, also is cheap, certainly breakfast alsoVery rich. surprises me the most is that their free shuttle service, walking down the hotel to arrange for a coaster sent five people to the high speed rail station, also accompanied by service personnel to help with the luggage! admirable sentiments, special thanks to the front desk, restaurant, guest rooms, guest service staff, your service deserves our praise for you! thank you!
  • jin8357
    Hotel is reasonably priced, good facilities, good service, and there are many free items, staying here next time.