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The Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel (Luoyang Huayang Guangchang Guoji Dafandian) is located on West Kaixuan Road in Jianxi District and offers guests easy access to local shopping and entertainment areas. This Luoyang hotel features a great variety of accommodations ranging from twin rooms to suites. Diners may enjoy Chinese dishes,  or decent western dishes and tasty desserts at the on-site dining outlets. [View Detail]    

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  • e00070603
    Great worth
  • Jade lee
    Luoyang huayang hotel, four star hotel, much better than a five-star hotel service quality! a word well! Luoyang must come again, come again! ...
  • adasitu
    Hotel is great, particularly well, there is a sense of home.
  • lymlives
    The nice hotel! service is better than an international five-star hotel!
  • carmen0113
    Well, like, Luoyang preferred
  • XinniX
    I often to Luoyang travel, last year this hotel was local addition a 'tall Shang' Hotel acquisition Hou service really of increasingly good, one years of time, see with this in growth, constantly of progress, zhiqian to this is like to near of million up dinner shopping, now because here of service has friends, has home of feel, really recommended to to Luoyang play of friends are, even is first times, you will like falls in love with here.
  • major_
    Service was excellent
  • SLaiXD
    Good location
  • conti114
    Everything OK, great hotel overall enough standards.
  • guarda
    Hotel old. but superb, service with a smile is in place. feeling very comfortable, thanks.
  • lolicon
    Nice, opposite the Wanda Plaza, drink service and thoughtful, free car wash, a refrigerator and a small food and beverage. free unlimited washing clothes and bottled water supplied.
  • e00086923
    Hotel management level of extraordinary first-class service attitude is good!
  • jerryli820410
    Overall very good, especially the services are in place. each sweet smiles of the staff's deep in my mind ... only bad is the bathroom is too small, the equipment is too old, bath room can slightly change.
  • flyingfeitian
    Excellent service, health and environment is very good. very enthusiastic I hotel is the best.
  • d05426509
  • susu0615
    Set is said to help others
  • allstar169
    First times to Luoyang, is view Jay concert of, from Hubei Xiangyang drive to Luoyang, General alone to field on will first to million up square, compared familiar, and huayang on in million up square are opposite, very find very convenience! bar of service is I to had of national and area in best of, I each travel never reviews, this really of is too Rod has! I in also for open high-speed vehicles dirty and troubles, hotel basement provides free fine wash, in lobby do finished staying proceduresHou beauty customer service (really of is super beauty, I in Korea are didn't see had so beauty of) to you took luggage, sent you to room within to you explained, and also reminded I to earlier to concert, night may traffic, avoid late, also help I urged wash car as soon as possible completed. in concert Hi finished, plus day three hours high-speed I has exhausted has, returned to hotel, wash finished bath, lying in bed Shang, good wants to is memory mattress, special soft special comfortable, unknowingly on sleep has, I wants to back also buyA such of mattress, will this mattress in where can buy to, also has towel is soft is clean, with up feel good comfortable. room within eat of drink of are is free, facilities complete, safe, refrigerator, wardrobe, irons, umbrella, AQT (morning only found of, didn't opportunities with...), downstairs is Xiyuan Park, but time tension didn't opportunities to walking, memorable of staying experience, breakfast is full service is thoughtful, next concert if also to Luoyang, I only selected huayang!
  • beibeibaby
    Lived in the past, the arrival, we found that the hotel had better, breakfast is more elegant, the rooms also have free fruits and snacks, so good. Luoyang still live on this again next time.
  • a-guang
    It's not bad.
  • e02016481
    Service is very good, breakfast is good, saw the best service hotels
  • miniewang
    I because work of reasons, often travel, staying had many of hotel, huayang is I live had of hotel in the, service best of a, hotel door waiter help open door, took luggage, into to lobby handle staying procedures Shi, waiter will handed Shang hot towel and the tea, open good room Hou waiter will help guide into elevator, elevator door has hand unattended, waiter put luggage sent to room, daily sent bowls, sent milk, daily free wash two pieces clothes, and wash of quite clean, Free shuttle to the airport and high speed rail, waiter sees the guest is a 90 degree bow says Hello, a smile services, breakfast variety, very local features, check out very quickly, just ask any consumer, said did not and will not examine, detail is perfect, all in all very satisfied, and required!
  • lifu757254
    Service live is the best feeling that other hotel! next time you will have the opportunity to choose huayang hotel!
  • dearrita
    Service is particularly good at the hotel, every guest for the first, great
  • maratsafen
    On business, very good, very good, excellent service, established in Luoyang hotels
  • annamouse
    Every time I go to Luoyang, basically to choose hotel, comfortable, customer experience is good!
  • golfway
    Limousine service, room service, very attentive, in particular thanks to the airport on behalf of Liu Minghui, at two o'clock in the morning to drive us to the station ... next time I go to Luoyang, live it!
  • firstgod
    Very good, service very good, the entire Shuttle, Luoyang is a good place.
  • wangwei67626
    As always, good
  • boy6172005
    Service very good! many premium services, next time I go to also live here.
  • psmoddp
    Good good good, recommend, service very good
  • gm1428
    Zhiqian has Shanghai friends to had, plus Internet see reviews, heart some questioned, this price of service really so good? to Luoyang Qian 2 hours contact hotel received machine, I didn't territory phone,, hotel also is sent has handsome beauty with uniforms and the professional of received machine etiquette to completed task, road also will for guest introduced Luoyang history, monuments and the related location, to has hotel, has another a group waiter help mention luggage and the led guest to Check in, at also will handed Shang tea and the towel, Zhihou received machine beauty with I upstairs do rooms introduced, from got off to rooms, along the are was Guide and etiquette type bow regards, also will being. room within, refrigerator beverage, Cabinet snacks are free, daily also provides milk 2 points, fruit 1 disc, 2 copies breakfast, clean Shi found guest smoking also enthusiastic provides candy Sydney, found owned dental on provides makeup package. II floor restaurant of waiter also is enthusiastic, dishes very good and cheap. this enthusiastic service of spirit index hasBy exceeded has, is Qian by not see, this is ancient unique of did? only shortcomings is facilities partial old, may is I live of layer floor also not update, heard has in layered update in the, but this price also super super value has. now returned to big city, live of your, eat of your, waiter are didn't smile of meet about, drop too big, some not adapted. yihou even after also to in Luoyang got off live a 1-2 days. Special thanks Liu Lei guy and the Min Hui beauty of received machine, clean member of enthusiasticAlso leave a beauty with my taxi, and later she was a handsome young man, please take me to the high speed rail station, thank you. the hotel offers every guest a feeling of being taken seriously, really be customer-oriented. strongly recommended and recommended.
  • diadia
    Old hotel, full marks! so staff were very good! also refused to tip! great!
  • juiro
    Strategic location, comfortable bed
  • janelei423
    Excellent service! excelled! never used the word!
  • ligaiyi
    Good service, reasonable prices
  • jonestar
    Hotel is very grand, and all employees have a good sense of service. details are doing a very good job all. MOM said not enough. will continue to stay next time.
  • niliu
    And we think it's great
  • Action
    To had many place, live had many hotel, can said this is I live had best of hotel has, no one of. from station began on handed water handed towel, to hotel Hou all is bow type service, learned that child said to of orange juice too acid, immediately for has grape juice, into has room also deliberately prepared has to child with of Bath robe, seat will device and slippers. other sent fruit and milk what are not said has. staying two days Basic is any requirements are meet, walking also sent station. yihou if also to Luoyang ofOnly be selected here.
  • elian1111
    General General
  • in1980
    All aspects of the service, all service personnel are all great!
  • lmengyue
    Service, as always, well, used the shuttle's high-speed rail service, reception staff very helpful; because it is traveling, also free shirt; all rooms are slightly older, but the service was absolutely nothing to say, breakfast variety-
  • Julybull
    Most human staff high quality hotel is a bit old
  • beep69
    Convenient, clean, good.
  • coffeewei
    Huayang's service is very good, the environment or
  • strong850220
    Which is very nice
  • babyang1234
    Service is really good and helpful, facilities are complete, recommended.
  • OccultAcademy
    Really nice hotel ... ...
  • anson0001
    Unfortunately, no swimming pool
  • giftboys
    Scenery good, service excellent, starting from the door you can feel a warm reception, which ended three days want to change hotel ... ...