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The Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel (Luoyang Huayang Guangchang Guoji Dafandian) is located on West Kaixuan Road in Jianxi District and offers guests easy access to local shopping and entertainment areas. This Luoyang hotel features a great variety of accommodations ranging from twin rooms to suites. Diners may enjoy Chinese dishes,  or decent western dishes and tasty desserts at the on-site dining outlets. [View Detail]    

住客评论 2330条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • lmengyue
    Service, as always, well, used the shuttle's high-speed rail service, reception staff very helpful; because it is traveling, also free shirt; all rooms are slightly older, but the service was absolutely nothing to say, breakfast variety-
  • Julybull
    Most human staff high quality hotel is a bit old
  • beep69
    Convenient, clean, good.
  • coffeewei
    Huayang's service is very good, the environment or
  • strong850220
    Which is very nice
  • babyang1234
    Service is really good and helpful, facilities are complete, recommended.
  • OccultAcademy
    Really nice hotel ... ...
  • anson0001
    Unfortunately, no swimming pool
  • giftboys
    Scenery good, service excellent, starting from the door you can feel a warm reception, which ended three days want to change hotel ... ...
  • alice_dy
    I feel very good, value for money
  • even_tt
    Second, like style and decoration service, comfortable
    Good service, great location! nice, additional discounts are applied, Luoyang will consider this next time! will recommend to friends!
  • lijia1979
    For a large room, to praise a
  • dangding1
    Very good! nice! drink snack in the room free, free laundry to wash the car.
  • dotry
    Great service, very comfortable bed, free drinks and snacks, the waiter was very polite and luggage for active, active water while waiting for the formalities, absolute, and there is turndown service, free fruit and milk in the evening, breakfast is very good
  • dw1111
    Very good! GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
  • al0630718
    Is admire hotel of boss on details of persistent, good I see others are said has many has, said is small of improved views. 1. hotel distribution of Pillow partial soft, wants to for about only buckwheat pillow, not know has no other pillow can selected, this is and big city of five-star than also has gap. 2. breakfast of coffee distribution of is plastic small spoon, General of hotel will distribution metal of, after all is hot. 3. morning 6 points more on has service personnel in corridor in speech, itself hotel ofNoise is not too good and not attempt to control the volume, like the late guests easy to wake up 4. Hotel bathroom scale is too low, there is a gap and the five-star General. 5. smoke-free floors only one layer, hope to see more of some non-smoking rooms are available. 6. hope to prepare children's slippers in the room.
  • jinmengjiao
    Service attentive, very satisfied. fridge bar food and beverage rich, all free of charge. door as well as milk, fruit, and is really good. the next time you come.
  • Readboy
    First-class service
  • xiaolei20040816
    Excellent service, breakfast variety, next time will choose to move
  • gaolesu
    That was fantastic, service is the best in all hotels where we lived, all five points.
  • Sunfly
    Aging Services great shopping around but the rooms facilities especially the bathroom
  • joremi
    Service is really good! waiter will give you a little surprise every day, even more laudable is my car's battery is unable to open, they had prepared a charging device, busy busy me, otherwise I do not know whether he will miss the plane!
  • Janet_gao
    Each time you choose the hotel, hotel facilities good, clean, staff was very helpful and considerate. traffic is very convenient.
  • lucasli2007
    Good service, clean location, breakfast was good, next time you will choose
  • niuyujie
    Today is my fifth day I have lived here for 8 nights couldn't wait to write absolute praise service five-star comfort and meticulous ... Fruit milk snack served fresh every day to see my hand-washed clothes helped me put some laundry detergent at once meticulous and thoughtful to the back you'll find down the blinds at night bath mat slipper Pajamas all lay out such corporate culture is if I go to Luoyang must not choose?
  • carson6868
    A very good environment! traffic convenience! service is getting better
  • Sluca
    Great facilities, very comfortable to live.
  • conanlv
    The living room-good health is much better compared with the last time. service enough.
  • angeline0831
    Super attentive room service, the hotel environment is also very good and facilities and leisure facilities
  • Eileenwxn
    Entrance to the hotel car park staff is very poor, help that taxis are not metered, arbitrary price.
  • JerryDJ
    All guests staying at the best hotel service, no one.
  • spiderfay
    I no thought Luoyang also will has such good of hotel Hotel of service personnel of courtesy really of is is praise treats elderly can said is meticulous, go of which as long as met waiter will smile and you regards also has hotel many free of service like Hall of tea corridor of fruit especially business center except Express charges other of are is free service this staying of is 12 floor new decoration of rooms is clean facilities is modern next also will staying alsoWould recommend it to a friend, in a Word, living throughout the numerous 5-star hotels, the service here is the best.
  • ggoo777
    Which is very nice
  • CY9394
    Really good hotel service, attention to detail, hotel hardware can also transfer machine
  • e00817812
    Service is excellent the absolute, is the facility is a bit old, but hotel is very beautiful
  • lisatan
    I Dad wrote of reviews I completely agreed. added one points. morning in huayang lane Shang two car Mercedes-Benz car side-by-side Park, Middle only is narrow of space. Dad see front a car Camry from between open has in, will thought himself of Volvo SUV also can past, results front scraping wipe has side Shang Mercedes-Benz of measuring behind. at I dad just gently on doorman said has sentence huayang also has responsibility, because that car Mercedes-Benz car stopped in has shouldn't stopped of place. for has other hotel estimated will immediately denied, hateCannot put himself of responsibility push have completely, but huayang no, but readily to admitted himself of fault. we out do, during hotel lobby Manager repeatedly call came, active proposed various make up programme. Dad consider they has expression has apologies and mind, compensation even has, alone all are go insurance. but huayang also is insisted compensation 1000 Yuan. we night returned to huayang Shi lobby Manager and Chairman Assistant specifically in door meet, expression apologies. We very senseMove. huayang everything from the guests perspective and very rare. actually I think, from a marketing perspective, foryou a very clever though they squeezed their profit margins, but for his legions of fans a warm reviews, and Word of mouth, the best free ad useless huayang. other hotels also will learn the atmosphere of huayang and wisdom.
  • jinjin0000
    To Luoyang Qian see many evaluation, said this hotel good, came to station first is has enthusiasm handsome of driver, and Luoyang beauty waiter received car, surface with smile of service let people heart is warm Oh, car first is waiter handed Shang hot towel disinfection hand Cha hand, also has per person a bottle water, to hotel 30 minutes around, to has hotel, too more waiter, all surface with smile, tone gentle, got off drive door, into hotel door each door are was in, with for you service, bentCourtesy of greeting, service too good has, also has a age big points of bent I mother are said sorry has, room is big, is comfortable, day noon to, afternoon to has white horse Temple, returned to hotel, surprise Oh, for we prepared good of fruit, are has cleaning good has, we with has children, also deliberately prepared has children of slippers, and children small toothbrush, live hotel yilai first times encountered so good of service, night bath children wash head not convenient, hotel also sent has children of tub,Daughter like of very, anyway for, this hotel too good has, too worth staying has, to attractions also not far, is convenient, out let door waiter to you called taxi is convenient, to gantry, white horse Temple, are almost 50 block, is convenient, I also in to high-speed rail of road, hotel sent car sent of, car Shang also has a waiter attitude is good, is very good, asked we noon has no dinner, we fear catch than, waiter said next can told they hotel also can arrangements playingPackage foods such as bread give us zone, the good girl ... very grateful to her, you must stay at this hotel in Luoyang, health service facility-level good, next time this. Finally add that the breakfast is also very good, rich, many varieties of ... says a lot, satisfied, satisfied, satisfied, very satisfied.
  • m04587810
    Service is very good, very careful
  • d01912996
    Well?.? Good?.
  • aggda
    Very very very very very satisfied! to Luoyang, then the specified?.
  • lyxdlx2001
    Only you can not think without their did not, will stay again!
  • planner
    OK nice
  • e00958525
    Service is very good, although the room in General, lived here in the future.
  • cutielee
    Environment, good service, convenient
  • liuliu0081
    Opposite is the Wanda Plaza, very convenient. great ... next time will go live.
  • suny5005
    Surprisingly good, surprisingly good service. and free laundry service, fruit delivered every day, free to the airport. is awesome. Luoyang, had the opportunity to live
  • citicclsl
    Luoyang, will travel. this way, all
  • dongwly
    Which is very nice
  • nangongri
    Many times, favorite of Luoyang hotels