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The Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel (Luoyang Huayang Guangchang Guoji Dafandian) is located on West Kaixuan Road in Jianxi District and offers guests easy access to local shopping and entertainment areas. This Luoyang hotel features a great variety of accommodations ranging from twin rooms to suites. Diners may enjoy Chinese dishes,  or decent western dishes and tasty desserts at the on-site dining outlets. [View Detail]    

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  • lilynancy
    Luoyang's preferred
  • lei millet
    Looks very stylish, with indoor facilities are too old
  • Isabel0024
    I Although in you here only live has a late, but I was of is huayang people warm of love meaning and home of warm. especially you of welcome bin Department of Zhang Director, makes I was has family of warm. I run had of place more has, also live had many hotel, but only huayang of taste worth I nostalgia. especially you hotel of snacks a article Street make have especially color, in from we these foodie running of bitter Hou, can eat to authentic of Luoyang snacks, praise. I also to praised about, not ChinaYang huayang people, is the Director of help contact us for car rental companies, truly, enthusiastic, considerate, reasonable charge. I hope the huayang takeoff due to Luoyang, Luoyang huayang proud. take my word for it, huayang right.
  • labc666
    Hotel room is big, room snacks are is free of, also can free wash car, but to appointment, we due to worried with car only brush has body, also has service special good, laundry was to 11 points, due to we worried, morning 8 points on on time sent to has, breakfast also compared big, and not your. shortcomings is room noise bad, then now this season, air conditioning didn't to heater
  • pangniu2046
    Service is very good hotel good location, opposite the Wanda Plaza, but the decoration is a bit outdated ... but very satisfied!
  • BelindaF
    Don't write reviews, but this must be said. the service definitely exceeded expectations, customer service of the staff is from the heart, after Luoyang had no choice, only this one.
  • angelgan919
    Good location and convenient transportation; although it is an old hotel, but very atmospheric, quality of service and attitude are very good; send food transfer hotel to drink and wash clothes, really very good, absolutely recommended if cheaper is better lol
  • dora_wu
    Wow-that cut off service! Free shuttle service from the train station, complimentary mini bar. room service is the best I've ever seen, great!
  • luofan1988
    I think we Chinese don't learn the Japanese ritual, awkward.
  • maple905
    Breakfast particularly good, service very good, next time you want to live here.
  • julia5386
    Service very attentive can sleep free laundry washing fruit milk breakfast very rich and delicate but also a small gift for the children is comfortable bed worth again
  • flytao
    Hotel staff very attentive, meticulous, and worthy of five-star hotel! slightly obsolete equipment. the lobby is magnificent, slightly less room amenities, if the Interior replaced, will become the best hotels in Luoyang! anyway, highly recommended!
  • Neil_Xia
    Hotel is very grand, and all employees have a good sense of service. details are doing a very good job all. MOM said not enough. will continue to stay next time.
  • xiaoxue
    Service is good, but facilities in some old, especially the bathroom was too small.
  • lilyandfortune
    Very good hotel
  • UncleSunny
    Good service, and advocacy
  • alwaysland
    Travel, various conditions
  • iceyaxuan
    New 5-star hotel looks very grand, very price 399 is affordable, friendly, Super, free fruit and two glasses of milk for free ... no room to eat in the evening, return to your room, very good. Is slow, and implementation of the room although very new, but quality and grades really don't deserve 5 stars.
  • dongmeiw
    Service very good! comparable international five-star hotel!
  • luojingren
  • jellmate
    First times to Luoyang, on local of hotel no is big expects, wants to with this opposite million up square compared convenient, staying Hou feel very good, hotel is big is style, with I in Zhengzhou live of what Hilton than, this good too more has. most worth praised of is service really of first-class, waiter is in place is enthusiasm, see I daughter in Hall temper cry, also sent has doll coax she. buffet do have excellent, yihou has opportunities also will again staying.
    Hotel service is good, not bad, will continue to choose,
    Service attitude good, location good service thoughtful and traffic convenient since without said, room within bed and breakfasts mini's of all food are is free provides of, but I only drink has a cup coffee, other small food I also no eat, but this is a attitude, feel to not put himself Dang outsiders is warm, also has milk and fruit sent, Elevator mouth are was unattended, feel to is by respect
  • ncjstc
    Service Super, next time will be!
  • fty697407
    Good hotel location! staff are very professional! facilities! breakfast! chicken bone picking, the bed is too soft, slippers beneath, sending snacks is forced consumption! General, Luoyang General is undoubtedly the best hotel!
  • jieven
    Very satisfied with the experience, high quality employees, one to the front desk to the hot water and hot towels to clean hands. when a crony due to unattended in the lobby, immediately arrange for security to help me access to video viewing, the service was attentive.
  • AlbyElisa
    Excellent second stay at, and shuttle, the driver is very nice, also sent a plane inflatable air bags to protect neck.
  • fengfengliu
    Environment is very good, breakfast was excellent, nice, service is not an ordinary place, and meticulous, five stars are up to, in summary words, not five stars is worth five stars, value for money
  • liiyee
    Very good, nice
  • e05145178
    Pillow is not comfortable, the bed was uncomfortable
  • bfb2000
    That's good
  • fandc0403
    Hotel in good location, opposite the Wanda Plaza, 12 building refurbished, toiletries not on the grade, shower room to the outside water. commendable service, dining, fabulous! recommended!
  • gasger
    Nice hotel worthy of recommendation. great location, next to the Wanda Plaza Hotel features facilities are quite new; health is also good. If the breakfast would be nice.
  • llp_1967
    Good location nice
  • xdesigner
    Well, language and capacity need to be strengthened for service!
  • Silly
    Outdated facilities, and more than 1000 high prices don't deserve it, staff, complimentary soft drinks milk bowls well, and high speed rail shuttle service
  • lxl6031
    Super nice hotel, service satisfaction. preferred hotel in Luoyang
  • wanly
    Service is very good
  • mwj123
    Which is very nice
  • e00338680
    The environment is good
  • GDR and
    Can be good
  • ydxsbaby
    Every time I go to Luoyang lived here, was very good.
  • pangnier
    Service is very good, breakfast, clean and tidy. services than the average five-star hotels are good, restaurant is not expensive, and it was Wanda, is very convenient for shopping and entertainment.
  • xys66
    Strongly recommended
    Great location and great service, better than star around, will stay again.
  • yuyu0614
    Service real intimate, for guest wants to of thoughtful, hotel of any one park workers are can do polite, enthusiasm has added, is rare, new 12 layer room decoration elegant, has grade, warm comfortable, full automatically flush toilet more let people enjoy to value of service, to Luoyang still will not II of select, too Rod has, price super high, breakfast big, for hotel points praise!
  • babyluning
    Hardware is not the best, but soft power is the best hotel I've ever stayed, staff polite friendly and close various types of personnel, coordinate laudable!
  • asterer
    Hotel service is absolutely great, many international five star were not up to their service, attentive, will stay at this hotel again.
  • ltt_1990
    Excellent service, nice facilities!
  • anren88
    Excellent service, six stars will give six stars!